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门s and windows are very important to your home and its appearance, having compounding effects on both your home’s value, 外观与能效.

Don’t let unsightly windows and doors reflect negatively upon your home and its value. Apart from siding, your home’s windows and doors are the most viewed items on your house. 在某些情况下, HOA’s may get involved if your home’s appearance drops below their minimum specifications of aesthetic appearance. Make sure the exterior of your home looks nice and fresh.
老, 损坏的门窗不仅看起来很糟糕, but can increase heating and cooling costs and reduce the value of your house. 老 panes and windows let air pass through and can waste a lot of money in cooling and heating your home.

当涉及到你家的外门时, 日晒雨淋会损害它们, creating cracks that become main contributors to loss of energy. Your home’s heating and air conditioning system must work much harder to cope with the loss of cold or hot air because your doors do not seal as tightly as possible.

If your windows and doors were installed 10-15 years ago, they are most likely made of wood. And that means that you might have problems with decay and rot. Today, there are much better door and window materials available. Call 1 bet9下载app线路检测 Services offers completely No Rot materials for doors and windows. 这些包括无腐柱和无腐砖模具. 它们使用时间更长,保修期也更好.

If you’ve owned your home for a rather long period of time, check your doors and windows. You may notice rot at the bottom of your doors or windows, where the materials come together. Often it is the result of lack of maintenance and caulk. But, to tell the truth, wood is a material that just can’t last too long in these elements. This is the main reason why so many companies and homeowners have started using NO ROT materials. In addition, these materials need no maintenance making them a perfect solution for most people.

确保你知道你所有的选择. 你的承包商应该能帮你. You don’t want to have to replace a door or window you’ve just replaced a couple of years earlier. Make the right decisions when it comes to your home and don’t spend more than you need to. 请拨1号国内服务部 .

所有的房屋承包商和杂工都不一样. We hear the horror stories; a repair man left the homeowner with a bigger problem and ran off with their money, 电话无人接听. We don’t work that way, and our reviews reflect that. 我们是帮别人收拾残局的人. 先给我们打电话,避免你自己的恐怖故事.


Call 1 bet9下载app线路检测 Services is a family-owned general contractor, specializing in renovation and handyman services since 1992. Call 1 can help you with all of your home construction needs. 我们可以处理任何家庭装修和修理, from plumbing and electrical needs to smoke and water damage. We pride ourselves on doing any project with the highest standards of professionalism and craftsmanship.

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  • What is your schedule and how long will my project take?

    Don’t just get a start date and an end date; get completion dates for items along the way. This helps you know when workers will be at your house and helps to keep the project on schedule.

  • What will my project cost and can I get it itemized in writing?

    很明显, it is important to get a cost for your project before work begins, but you should also know whether the prices are an estimate or an actual final cost. Getting the costs itemized also helps in case you decide to remove a piece or need to decrease the overall budget. And getting it in writing assures that there are no misunderstandings.

  • 谁会每天在我家工作?

    Some companies will send a salesman to sell you the job but then you never see him again. 确保和你一起审查项目的人, will also be on the job site to ensure your desires are met. It is also good to know who to expect inside your home on any given day.

  • 你将如何保护我的财产?

    Will the company you hire use dust containment measures during demolition? Will they make sure drop cloths are down before sanding or painting begins? Will the construction area be isolated from the rest of your home? Will they be careful when moving any of your belongings? And will they remove all their mess when they are done?

  • 和你交流的最好方式是什么?

    有这么多的交流选择, it can seem impossible to have a conversation with your contractor. Find the best method for reaching your contact person and ask to learn how long it generally takes them to return calls.

  • 如果我需要改变会发生什么?

    If you need to make a change to the work you have agreed to, ask the contractor to let you know immediately if it will change the cost and the timeline. This is best done in writing to avoid any mistakes or miscommunications.

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